All NEW for 2016

All our haunted attractions are extreme and not for the faint of heart!

The Crypt

Enter the underworld of the evil dead as they come after your soul. Will you be able to find your way out?


Everything has gone wrong in the world and you are entering a decaying and collapsed medical building with the walking dead searching for their next meal.

The Coven

Enter the dwelling of the evil witch sisters who crave human flesh be prepared to crawl for your life. Will you escape or be added to their collection of bones and skulls.

Terror Under The Big Top

Clowns, Clowns and more Clowns! But don’t be fooled by their smiles! This is a group of killer clowns and they are out for blood! They will have you screaming for your life as you enter their freaky colorful evil world.

Terror In The Dark

Enter if you dare into a world of pure darkness. Hold on to the person in front of you because this is a one of a kind haunted attraction that you will only experience at Pure Terror. This is our most shocking haunt EVER!

Legends Of Horror

Come face to face with horrors most terrifying killers. You will step into your own horror movie.