All New Haunted House Attractions For 2015!

11 All New Haunted House Attractions... 1 Low Price!

11 ALL NEW World Famous Haunted House Attractions For Orange County NY, Ulster County NY, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York City & Tri-State Area!

With over 2 miles of bone chilling terror, Pure Terror Scream Park is the largest Haunted Scream Park in the Country!

Our ALL NEW World Famous Haunted House attractions will return Friday September 25th, 2015 through Sunday November 1, 2015 and will absolutely make New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania thrill seekers scream! Pure Terror 2015 is the BIGGEST, SCARIEST, and BEST Haunted Scream Park in the Tri-State area and will now have ELEVEN ALL NEW HAUNTED HOUSES all in one location!

Necropolis Attraction…

ALL NEW For 2015!

Necropolis, The Cemetery of Evil, will take you in and out of century old catacombs as you journey up and down hills. You will navigated your way though tombs and crypts along the way. But be very aware of your surroundings because within this foggy, dark cemetery lurk pure evil zombies searching for there next victim. If you make it out of the cemetery you will be lead right onto the Trail of Terror. There’s no turning back now!  This Haunted Cemetery is one of a kind that you will only experience at Pure Terror Scream Park.

Trail of Terror Attraction…

ALL NEW For 2015!

Trail of Terror will take you deep into the woods where the trail will lead you in and out of abandoned creepy cabins  in our dark haunted woods. As you continue deeper into the trail there is no turning back… You have just entered a whole new level of horror!

House of The Dead Attraction…

ALL NEW For 2015!

Evil awaits you within this house of death. As soon as you step into this horror house you will be hit with a strong smell of death! Be very careful because this house is very cramped and you never know what can pop out of the walls to try and get you. Don’t trust your eyes in this house. Our advice is to really stay close to your group or  the person your with. Your heart will be pounding as soon as you enter the House of The Dead and the panic attack will begin.

Jungle Rot Attraction…

ALL NEW For 2015!

Enter the Rot and never be the same again! This Haunted Attraction is crawling with Animals , Huge Spiders , Snakes and much, much more. Travel in and out of caves, under and around waterfalls and walk over an old broken down rocking bridge deeper into the unknown. You have got to experience this Haunted Attraction. It’s a one of a kind.

Walking Undead Attraction…

ALL NEW For 2015!

The undead are coming for you as you journey through the jail of Woodberry township. The zombies in this Haunted Attraction are restless and will be surrounding you around every corner as you try to find your way out.

Buried Alive Attraction…

ALL NEW For 2015!

Before entering this old collapsed broken down house we have to warn you of the evil that lurks inside the walls. The evil within this house have been buried alive and roaming this house in total darkness. Hold on to the nearest person because as soon as you enter the door of this haunted house your going to feel the walls and ceiling closing in on you until you are in total darkness! You will be in Pure Darkness the whole time that you are in this haunted attraction.

The Asylum Attraction…

ALL NEW For 2015!

The Asylum is like no other, this Haunted House has the most evil and criminally insane patients. Don’t look them in the eyes. You have been warned! This haunted attraction is going to leave you scarred for life.

House Of Terror Attraction…

ALL NEW For 2015!

This haunted house has it all from zombies to killer clowns to creepy dolls. You name it and we are sure this haunted house has something in it to scare just about anyone. This haunted house will have you on your hands and knees.

Terror Under The Big Top Attraction…

ALL NEW For 2015!

Clowns , Clowns and more Clowns! There are freaks around every corner of the big top. Enter into the big top, a world of crazy killer clowns looking to make you cry in horror while they pop in and out of the shadows. They will make your skin crawl with fear as their evil sinister laughs send chills though your body. Terror Under The Big Top will have you crying for mercy.

Carnage Attraction…

ALL NEW For 2015!

Be careful because this is where the back woods mountain people roam looking for fresh meat. You will have to get past the cannibals and their dirty trash filled yard. Watch as you walk by the rusty old cars and pick up trucks because you never know when they may pop out to get you. You are advised to stay in a group.

The Butcher’s Revenge Attraction…

ALL NEW For 2015!

We saved the best for last because nothing good is happening in the butchers haunted house. As you cross the old bridge through the woods and approach the butchers house, you can hear the screams and cry’s for help. As you get closer and closer, the screams get louder and louder. You enter this haunted house with the smell of death and body parts everywhere. The screams, the smell of gas , the shredding sounds of the chainsaw as you guide your way through the butchers house to finally come face to face with Pure Evil as he tries to cut you up into pieces. If you make it out of this haunted house without the butcher getting you, watch for the fire that will surround you if you make it to the end of one of the largest and Scariest scream parks in the world.

11 ALL NEW Attractions…

ALL NEW For 2015!

Enter with caution! The blood-curdling screams you hear just might be your own!

With our all new 11 Haunted Attractions there is bound to be something that will give you nightmares. From the Cemetery, to the Butcher’s Revenge there is over 2 miles of non-stop thrills. Be afraid, be very afraid…

Pure Terror Haunted House Tickets

The LARGEST haunted house scream park in the world… Pure Terror NOW offers over 2 miles of mind-altering haunted houses for the Orange County, New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania & entire Tri-State Area!

Pure Terror Scream Park Is Voted One Of The Top 10 Haunted House Attractions In America!


* All haunted house attractions are extreme and intense and are not recommended for children or the faint of heart. Refunds will not be issued for being too scared in our haunted houses and not being able to finish your haunted experience.

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